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NEW MUSIC: Jhene Aiko X Childish Gambino - Pink Toes [Updated]


A couple days ago, my current favourite music "duo", Jhene Aiko and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino to some; Troy Barnes to others) delivered yet another delicious musical pie for our earbuds' enjoyment (haha, see what I did there?).

The last time we saw them on le blog together was for Bed Peace from Jhene's Sail Out EP. This time, the are-they-aren't-they-I'm-just-gonna-say-they-are-'cause-I-want-them-to-be couple collaborated on a track for Donald's album, Because the Internet which drops on the 10th but is available for streaming on iTunes now.

Pink Toes was produced by Stefan Ponce and Ludwig Göransson, new names to me but I'm currently getting up to speed on their SoundClouds (here and here respectively). The piano accompaniment was definitely the driving force on this one, and anyone who really knows me, knows I love them eighty-eight keys, man. The kicks and claps were also a nice touch, like kids at camp doing a sing-song type fandango under the sun at camp (which also happens to be the title of Donald's first album).

On this one, Donald holds back the tongue-in-cheek punchlines, replacing them with heartfelt lyrics and an adorable falsetto attempt which, in all honesty, was pretty damn good. Jhene was faultless as usual. Her voice is so beautiful, I will never tire of it!

According to reviews, the song is about a love tryst where Donald 'plays' a drug dealer. I honestly would not have seen that and didn't actually until I just read a few reviews; I'm rubbish at doublespeak. Anyway, I thought I'd help those of you who wouldn't have seen it either.

You're welcome.

Check out the chilled track below or click here to be redirected to SoundCloud if the embedded version doesn't work.

Happy listening!


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