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NEW MUSIC: King Kay X 3Feat - Imagine [Freestyle]

I sincerely apologize for the quality - or lack thereof; I just couldn't be arsed trying to edit it [Source]

Gotta love Twitter...

So I came across a link to this track on my timeline c/o a few new follows a couple days ago and I can't say I'm not completely grateful. What is up with Nigerian artistes these days? These youngers are getting real, son. Whatever it is, I am so down.

I posted about the song that welcomed me rather graciously into these "new" Nigerian music streets last week, and I literally feel like Alice in Wonderland right now; I have never used SoundCloud this much before... but enough about me (let's see how long that lasts).

The Imagine freestyle track comes from Creative Elevation's 3FEAT and a new name on the blog, Kitoye who goes by the stage name King Kay. The lyrics on this one can quite literally be summed up in one word: deep. I am really digging the religious verses. Lord knows I have hopped on that train of thought more times than I care to admit, so it's nice to know I'm not alone. The epilogue was particularly disturbing though. Pour some Henny for the lost ones, here in the flesh but they long gone... Makes you think, doesn't it?

Nothing was held back with their insightful lyrics that packed a massive punch on the smooth piano-based instrumental which struck the delicate balance between simplistically shallow and affectingly wistful to perfection. I swear I've heard the instrumental before, but I've listened to this one way too many times to try remembering something I probably heard years ago. It's been two days and still nothing comes to mind, and it is killing me! My memory's been like Swiss cheese lately; I actually forgot what floor my flat was on once without being under the influence. I just blanked. That was a fun night.

Anyway, check Imagine out below, or click here to be redirected to le Cloud de Sound if the embedded version doesn't work, and here to download it. And please hit me up in the comments section if you recognize the instrumental; put me out of my misery.

If you feel like whetting your musical palette a little more, click here for Kitoye's SoundCloud page and here for 3FEAT's.

Happy listening!


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