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NEW MUSIC: Rick Ross X Jay-Z - The Devil is a Lie


This is a hit-and-run post from me tonight because I've got something pretty awesome in the works for you guys which is taking all my time and attention... which basically means I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of work I should be doing that I have done none of it. I work better under pressure anyway...

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of Ricky Rozay and Jigga over one of the sickest instrumentals I've heard this year produced by Kevin Erondu (aka K.E.). He's released a video about it already which you can watch here (a bit too opportunistic in my opinion but you gotta love a man who takes the initiative).

This is the two rap heavyweights' (you are totally evil if you thought I meant what you think I meant) second collaboration this year, this one's off Ross' Mastermind LP. Unlike most hip-hop fans however, Rozay is one of those guys I'm still unsure about. He was pretty good on this track though, his braggadocio was in full bloom as per usual. But still, he will just have to keep trying to win me over. I like to think Mastermind just might do the job; hopefully him pushing back the release date means it's gonna be great. Jay-Z knocked it out the park though... and yet still I wouldn't count myself a "fan" of his either. I know, I'm such a hot mess [le sigh].

Anyway, you can check out the track below via SoundCloud. Happy listening!


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