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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Sean Tizzle - Komole

Adorable or what? I just want to put him in a little doll house with my old Polly Pockets [Source]

Right, this is officially my video of the week.

Congratulations, Sean Tizzle. I shall craft a ribbon just for you and keep it until the fateful day I will run into you.

I could try breaking this video's construction down into little bits and pieces, and then go on and on (and on and on and on), but I shan't. I shall spare you any more of my sentiments. I will only tell you that the track was produced by D'Tunes and the video was directed by the guys at Aje Filmworks with the talented team from Horpload Works providing the visuals.

Now click play (or click here to be redirected to YouTube) and thank me later.

I love the 90's, but I wish I was an 80's kid now. 'Crack babies' for the win!


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