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NEW MUSIC: Wizkid - Eledumare


This is another track released specifically for my listening pleasure. Thank you, Wizkid, my boo of life (well one of them; polyandry for the win)... For those of you who think I'm a little insane right now, I haven't been tested yet so it's a bit like Schrödinger's cat; until the doctor says so, I am both crazy and not crazy.

Anywayyyy, Wizkid (don't think I've ever mentioned this before so for those who don't know, his real name is Ayo Balogun) performed this celebratory song at the Felabration 2013 show for his fans to hear for the first time in October before releasing it online yesterday. It's another one I can neither understand nor translate for those of you who don't speak Yoruba. My dad's busy so I can't ask him to translate which is probably for the best because the last time I asked him to translate, it was for a song by 9ice called Gongo Aso which made for a pretty awkward convo.

What I do know is that it was produced by the guys from Legendury Beatz and is a prayer of some sort. I think.

I'm almost 90% 65% 20% sure 'Olodumare' means Jesus (according to my old Religious Studies teacher... who's Ibo btw which is why it's only 20%) so 'Eledumare' should be something along those lines. Right?

You can listen to the track below or click here to be redirected to SoundCloud if the embedded version doesn't work. You can also download the track here via NJO.

Happy listening!


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