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NEW VIDEO: K9 - Kokoma


So a little birdie told me the visuals for Trybe Records native, K9 aka Noble Ezeh's Kokoma video were leaked yesterday. We can only hope that rumour is true, and this is not the finished product because this video is just not it.

Kokoma was released about a year ago and as amazing as it is, I really don't think it needed a video. K9's tutorial on the Trybe Records YouTube channel and the not-really-a-flash-mob-video flash mob video were enough. Plus, it's been nearly a year; there really is no point anymore.

Regardless, if they did feel like they had to release a video, you'd think a year would be more than enough time to do something great. Unfortunately, 'great' is definitely not what I'd call what this. The special effects were less than stellar, not to mention unnecessary. I mean, what's wrong with the real world? Did they just happen to stumble across a green screen and go, 'Oh, lookie here! Let's not let it go to waste, shall we?'

The editing was all over the place, the actors were too stiff and the clothes made it seem like the stylist was trying too hard to make them look hip. In Charmed's Piper Halliwel's words, they're five minutes away from being five minutes ago.

The whole thing looked like something my little brother and his friends would put together... as a joke. I know it sounds like I'm being too harsh but I don't get paid to blog and nobody reads this anyway so I have nothing to even tempt me to sugarcoat it. Plus, after the videos eLDee the Don has released in the past, you kind of expect more from one of his protégé. Perhaps what my sources say is true; perhaps eLDee is holding these guys back.

You can check out the visuals below or click here to be redirected to YouTube if the embedded version doesn't work. I'd say "enjoy" but that would probably be misleading...


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