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Setting the Scene: Tru Fam


Two STS posts in one day? Am I on fire? I believe I am.

A couple weeks ago the Tru Fam team got in touch with me with an invitation to a show which I unfortunately couldn't attend. So instead, we settled for an interview. I was unfamiliar with the rap duo, Sha & Justi so I quickly got up to speed on their Sound Cloud. Their music is energetic, fun and dynamic! These guys aren't afraid to mix it up, incorporating different genres in their music.

Check out the interview after the jump.


When did you guys decide to start making music professionally? Did you start off doing your own things before joining forces, or was being a duo the plan from the get-go?

Sha: Tru Fam started as a duo from the beginning. As twins we usually do things together and this was no different. Being a twin causes us to get attention by default [laughs] so luckily we had musical talent to incorporate that into our daily lives.

Explain your Ultra Culture movement. What inspired it?

Sha: ULTRACULTURE was simply inspired by the fans, for the fans .We like to surround ourselves and be included in circles where you’re working harder than the rest. Go above and beyond. Go to that ULTRA level. We see that in our fans so that’s what started ULTRACULTURE.

Who have been your biggest music influences?

Justi: Some of our biggest music influences in music would be artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, Cee Lo Green. I like artists that push the envelope and go right when everyone else goes left [laughs]. If you realize, the artists that I have named are creative geniuses!

What inspired your interest in hip-hop?

Justi: What inspired our interest in hip hop would have to be the whole Bad Boy Family. Just their whole culture, their team. It was fun, new, appealing and made you feel some type of way when they shot a music video or performed at an Awards show. They created something for the youth and made it so cool to love Hip Hop!! Those memories of me and Sha pretending to be Diddy and Mase in front of the TV will last forever [laughs]. Priceless.

Working in a group means that you need to rely on each other and take each other’s thoughts, opinions, habits and quirks into consideration. Does working with your twin make things easier or more difficult, regarding your creative process, making decisions, doing performances, and generally handling the pressure that comes with being in the industry?

Sha: Great question. I would say that it typically works for the best. The biggest part of working with someone is that you have to rely on that person. Who’s a better person to count on then my twin brother. The Music industry has its up-and downs but working with my twin, we’re always on one accord and we know for sure that there is no quitting on each other. Creatively we are usually on the same page so it’s a very natural energy. We both hold our own weight and to be honest there is no other person I would rather have as a partner.

Music and fashion tend to go hand in hand more often than we think. Would you say your personal styles (fashion-wise) have been shaped by your love for the hip-hop culture?

Justi: Yes music and fashion definitely go hand in hand; the music that we create and how we dress go hand in hand. Personally I’m more of a wild card and my style is more flashy and in your face. It even impacts my whole performance and that’s just my whole steeze. I love to create music and my fashion has to match my music . Sha, on the other hand is way more chilled. His attire of choice is black on black, and I would just say his style is so cool. It’s very clean-cut but edgy and dark at the same time. Hip Hop influences our dress code but we always dressed cool way before we were artists [laughs].

From your music videos, it could be said that your personal styles (fashion-wise) are quite similar. Is this true off-screen as well?

Sha: Our styles are similar but just because we’re both attentive to fashion.

Justi: I usually dress louder, wearing bright colours or taking more fashion risks. Fashion also plays a huge part in ULTRACULTURE. Not everything has to be the most expensive, to be the most fashionable or unique.

What next can we expect from Tru Fam?

Sha: In the next five years, Tru Fam will be performing on stages with your favourite artistes or bands. Performing at festivals and dropping projects that will be added to your iTunes playlists. As artistes we just want to play our part and by doing so, we can be very successful. ULTRACULTURE will have been established and we will continue to add fans and embrace the ones that we currently have. Without the fans, you don’t have ULTRACULTURE. So thank you for the interview!


You can follow the guys on Twitter @TruFam or add them on Facebook page. I think it's brilliant that their fans are their Facebook friends, not just 'fans' or whatever. You can also listen to Speed Racing, one of the singles off their anticipated album, Thrill X and download it for free here.

Happy listening!

NOTE: This post was not sponsored as no compensation was received, however it was requested. All views expressed are those of the author and the guest respectively [I've been watching  lot of Suits lately; my legal speak is top-notch, non?].


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