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Happy New Year // Where Have I Been


I'm baaaaack!

It's been a bit over a week since I last blogged which feels like a lot because some days I push out two or three posts a day. Then, all of a sudden... silence. I didn't even wish you guys Merry Christmas (Merry Christmas btw! I actually only just started singing carols last night, no joke).

Now, don't start thinking I've got some magical fairytale to tell you about where I've been.

I wasn't whisked away to some tropical island to count down the last hours of what has undoubtedly been the best worst year of my life in the arms of some Adonis-like creature because that would be a massive lie. And by "best worst", I mean that for the 365 days that played host to some of the crappiest moments of my entire existence on planet Earth, they've also come with some pretty awesome ones too, like starting this here bloggy-wog...

... I don't know what that was but I've decided not to edit or proofread this post (not that I did that before anyway, haha). I'll try to keep the 'Karina-isms' and spelling mistakes to a minimum though, promise.

Anyway, no, I've basically just been sat on my arse, studying (barely) and playing the Sims (my four-year obsession is still going strong), observing the strictest form of social media silence because, lo and behold, my phone has half-kicked the bucket, and with it, died my piece of mind and my sense of easy access to Twitter and Instagram. Turns out I am one of those people who has (sadly) allowed her phone to become her compass.

And now I am lost.

It's a Blackberry (never again) and it's doing this weird now-I'm-on-now-I'm-off dance that has literally been pissing me off to no end. I'm sure a new battery will fix it, but I just cannot be bothered. Anywho, after that tragic event (dramatic much), I sort of went on an all-systems breakdown so everything else in my life that wasn't absolutely perfect was met with a massive ball of fury.

But with the clock striking midnight sometime between 23:58 and 00:02 today (I've only ever owned two watches in my life: one when I was seven and the other when I was fourteen; both of which were misplaced/stolen respectively within months; and none of the clocks here tell the correct time nor are they synchronized so we probably 'missed' the first couple seconds/minutes of 2014), I have come to the realization that losing my phone has been a lesson in disguise because I have now realized just how much life has been passing me by with my constant social media inebriation.

Yes, I'm only eighteen (only for a couple more days though [sobs]) but I seriously feel like, as awesome as my life seems on paper (I'm currently on the job hunt so I've been working on my CV), I seriously feel like I have accomplished nothing. Like, literally over the past three years, my social life has dwindled to an pitiful halt. I don't even have any hobbies anymore. I used to draw, guys. And I used to write. And back in Nigeria, there wasn't a day you wouldn't find me without a camera of some sort in my hand, capturing everything. Now all I have is this blog, which I don't even give my full attention, and school. Speaking of school, studying used to be fun for me! Nelkon and Parker's Advanced Physics was my idea of an awesome night in (you know, back when it was relevant lol). Now I can barely focus on anything, which means everything bores me.

But I'm fixing all of that this year.

I've been compiling a list of resolutions (I know, I never start anything on time... another one for the list) which I plan to stick to strictly. And I'll hopefully be documenting all of that here so, whilst I will still be blabbing about music and fashion as per usual, I would class TCD as a 'personal' one now above anything else. Ergo, I'm going to be airing a lot more Dirty Laundry this year. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol.** But on the upside, I think I've finally figured out where this blog is headed whereas before it was just whatever came to mind that didn't 'expire' in my Drafts folder.

Anyway, no more spoilers. Hope you guys had an awesome first day of 2014! Here's a a bit of Rihanna via YouTube for you just because it's been stuck in my head since I started this post.

Happy new year, dahlings!

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** Yeah so I decided against that. It's a lot easier to be completely honest when you're talking to strangers. But now too many people (OK a handful) I actually know have discovered my blog [the horror].


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