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MASH-UP: Robin Skouteris - Pop Love 2 (2013)


As usual, I am super late to the party with this one. But oh my damn, it's good!

THIS is how to mix! La gente di musica need to take a cue from the Greek music/video producer and DJ, Robin Skouteris... or better yet just hire him to do it. It would take a Masters degree in music, all three ABRSM diplomas and a gazillion Grade 8's (or their equivalents), and a permanently upturned nose to find much fault with this. And if one of those faults is that some of the songs are technically from 2012 then please take a chill pill because he said these are the "hits [he] liked in 2013." And the fact remains, the mash-up itself was done in 2013, ergo it was appropriately named.

I was surprisingly pleased that there was next to no Beyoncé in this. Sure, it was probably because he didn't manage to get the rights, but who cares? It was brilliant anyway! And no, I'm not hatin' (because you can't say hatin' with the 'g' apparently)... Mrs C and I are just at odds at the moment.

Check out the mash-up below via YouTube. You can find more Robin Skouteris magic on his Sound CloudYouTube channel, Facebook page and website.

Happy listening!


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