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MUSIC THROWBACK: Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

Welcome to the seventies, dahlings!

I watched Final Destination 3 again recently and this song has been stuck in my head since, so of course I just had to share it with you guys. Absolute jam, this is! My parents always played old school music around the house and in the car, so sometimes when I hear a random old song, I start singing along word-for-word without even realizing. Chaka Khan always gets me, any time, anywhere lol. I think this is one of those because I have no idea when I first heard this but I know it was a while ago. It's like trying to remember the first time you realized your name was your name, you know? It just kinda happened and now you answer to it when called.

Does anyone else get that? The sudden urge to go "girrrl, that's my jam" and then bust a move? The shops are the best place to do it because there's nothing better than seeing the look on people's faces when you try to do the electric slide in Selfridges lol.

Put on yo' dancing shoes and kick-flare pants, and tie a scarf around your head as you listen to the Ohio Players perform Love Rollercoaster live on Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special via YouTube below. It's totally far out, man!

Happy viewing!


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