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MUSIC THROWBACK: Run DMC X Aerosmith - Walk This Way

It's exam time.

I'm stressed. Like, really stressed. But only because I wasn't stressed until my birthday on Sunday so now it's a month's worth of surpressed stress overflowing in the form of all-nighters and OCD-like symptoms. My room literally stinks of Dettol now smh. But I promised more Music Throwbacks and one of my resolutions is to actually come through with the things I say I'll do. A (wo)man is only as good as her/his word, after all.

This is one of my favourite Run DMC tracks. Considering the era of its release, us young'uns can only read and imagine the kind of reactions it got back then. Rock meets hip-hop; and who better to do it with than Aerosmith? It does makes you wonder how many more monumental music moments we have left to enjoy though...

We're moving too fast, doing too much these days. Soon innovation will be the order of the day and then we will eventually get bored with "new" and stop trying altogether...

Ah well, at least we'll still have some super-cool throwbacks to enjoy when that happens. Like Rev Run with facial hair. Check out Walk This Way via Sound Cloud below and click here to watch the official music video on YouTube.

Happy listening!


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