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NEW MUSIC: Beyonce X Busta Rhymes X Azealia Banks - Partition [Remix] (Explicit Content)

I told myself I was not going to post about any Beyoncé songs on here (the album, not Beyoncé the artiste) because you can't do one without doing them all and I just couldn't be bothered doing an album review; I really don't like them. However, I do like Azealia Banks and Busta Rhymes so here we are.

By the time you read this, I'll be about one or two exams in so of course I don't (or should I say didn't?) have time to do an actual review (I'm not even supposed to be blogging, haha) so just check out the NSFW remix from Bussa-Buss and Azealia via YouTube below.

Happy listening!

So it turns out Bey had them take it down. Azealia was not pleased. I quite liked the remix to be honest. I don't see why she had them retract it, it's no dirtier than the original. And Azealia surprisingly kept it clean too!

So why, Bey, why?


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