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NEW MUSIC: Iyanya - Away


You know that saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?

I am truly struggling with that one on this song here, peeps. The meme below basically sums this post up which is a shame because I'm really not a shade-throwing person... mostly.


OK [rubs palms together] let's get started.

Last time we saw the name 'Iyanya' on here, he was back in my bad books because of that Christmas card we all could have done without (shade). Again, it was tacky and unnecessary (shade), but I digress. This song has not done anything to improve his position avec moi (shade),which is a shame because I bet he's a really nice guy... possibly conceited (shade - I know it gets hot on stage with all the lights in your face and whatever, but a t-shirt won't hurt you, boo) but nice all the same.

Still this has to be done because I'm tired of seeing the same arse-kissing crap written about crappy songs on proper music blogs (shade). How else is he supposed to get better and maximize his potential?

This song has only shown me what has probably been the only reason why I ever tolerated Iyanya's music, and that reason is D-Tunes (shade?). D-Tunes' beats struck the perfect balance between modern and traditional (in the cultural sense, not the technical sense) which were the perfect accompaniments to Iyanya's mostly non-English, mostly repetitive muttering singing (shade?), making his music commercial and not just with Nigerians. The two of them just worked, you know?

But now he's got this rather familiar, full-on traditional, Eastern Nigeria-sourced production from the rather talented Masterkraft, and he has pretty much butchered it just has not delivered quite as well as one would have hoped (shade). Plus the mixing was off, and I can't tell if his voice was inaudible because I had no idea what he was saying or because the beat just seemed to take over at one point (shade).

I really can't put my finger on exactly what is off about this one (a pretty good contender would be the lacklustre lyrics) but I do know I don't like it. Many will disagree with me, I'm sure. Then again, most people really only support the guy because he's got a pretty bangin' body; they have their priorities, I have mine (shade).

But initial feelings aside, I suppose I'll learn to like it... although that does require me to stop automatically pressing the 'Next' button after the first few seconds, and I'm just not quite there yet.

My favourite comment about this track so far is that Iyanya should proceed to throw this track 'away' as well. Can I get a fully-shaded Amen?

But don't worry your pretty little head, Iyanya. One day, you will get it right in my books and it will top all future flops - although it's best if you don't risk it when that happens. Just get D-Tunes back. At least to moderate your music, even if he doesn't produce them all. If not, I really do hope this is just a one-off, man.

Check out the track below though via YouTube. And keep DM-ing me or commenting with your thoughts, y'all are too funny. For those who don't know, just follow me @Eskay_95 on Twitter if you'd rather get at me that way like most people. I don't get the 'new follower' notifications though, so please mention for a follow-back or just RT me, and I'll get right at you.

Happy listening!


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