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NEW MUSIC: Shane Chubbz - Unbelievable Scenes [Freestyle]


Just a quickie tonight, Dreamboats. Stopping the late-night posts was clearly not one of my New Year resolutions.

Here's a spanking new one three-quarter minute freestyle from rapper, Shane Chubbz. Unbelievable Scenes draws its title from the featured Chris Kamara/Sky News commentary on that Heskey goal a couple years ago. I'm sensing a theme with the use of news snippets (I'm an engineer, we like trends).

Shane's lyricism just gets better and better in my honest opinion. It's hard-hitting stuff, the typical braggadocious punch lines that no one (with the exception of other rappers who seem to live off beef - I'm punny, I know) can be offended by because they're so witty and well-spoken. Unbelievable Scenes has a very 'golden age' eighties vibe which has now brought on a Run DMC obsession. I was surprised to find that my iPod was sorely lacking in eighties music, so I think a few Music Throwback posts are in order to make up for that sacrilege.

Back to the track.

I don't know if it's going to be on his Chubbziano EP, which is due to be released on the 19th of February, or the '95 & Forever album due to be released a little later but you can still listen to it down below via SoundCloud. You can also read my interview with the "European wavy boy" here.

Happy listening!


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