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New Music: Wizkid X Shaydee - Number One Lover [Prod. Legendury Beatz] (Updated)

So I finally got around to actually reviewing this.

I am livid. Absoltely livid! Why? Because Wizkid decided to release another single today and not only am I in a full-but-silent-as-a-graveyard computer cluster, I am also without my iPod, phone or a pair of frigging earphones* even so I literally cannot listen to this gem until I get out of here which won't be anytime soon.

I am not a happy blogger right now. I cannot give you witty criticism that makes no sense to the sane few who read this blog but aptly amuses the slightly unhinged such as myself. I cannot slice and dice this track to within an inch of its life and then gush about how much I love it afterwards - and I know I will love it because its Wizkid. All I can do is share it with you guys and then return to reading the comments/tweets until I feel super guilty about not working and log off Twitter. The reviews sound good so far though. But then again people would say anything to be retweeted by Wizkid, won't they?

OK, so here's a brief review of Wizkid and Shaydee's Number One Lover (it's all I've got time for at the moment). It's not really my kind of music. I don't usually enjoy anything reggae, but Wizkid's last attempt, Only Man She Want still went down a lot better than this one for me.

Personally, it's gradually getting a lot harder to tolerate the lack or little amount of substance in most Nigerian musician's lyrics. Sometimes a killer beat just isn't enough, y'know? And if it is, then the producer should own the songs in David Guetta fashion.

Legendury Beatz killed the production though! The tempo was just slow enough and they struck a tasteful balance between Afro pop and reggae. Shaydee's voice is actually really good! I used to think he was getting a little too much "extra help" so I never really jumped at the chance to listen to his music - I already have my boo, Ke$ha - but the man's got skill.

Wizkid is sounding a bit too consistent for me. He's already at the forefront of the Nigerian music scene but he needs to mix it up a little bit more to stay there; get out of his comfort zone completely. Nevertheless, he was alright in this.


Check Number One Lover out via Sound Cloud below. Happy listening!

*Funny story about my earphones, actually. Not funny-'haha', more like funny-'that's kinda sad yo.'

So I've had these Sony MDR-ED12LP earphones for nearly a year now and whilst they're not perfect (the sound quality is pretty good but the noise control is just terrible), I loved them dearly. Then one fateful evening, as I sauntered to the kitchen for din-din (because us effortlessly awesome people do not walk, we saunter or, if the mood calls for it, sashay), I heard a loud crack as my moccasins crushed my babies onto the linoleum. I knew they were on the floor somewhere because I'd dropped them on my way back from uni - not a rare occurrence, I drop everything - but I'd forgotten to pick them up and now I'd broken them. But alas, when I picked them to test them on my iPod, both ears still worked!

Miraculous, non? That was what I thought too. However, a week later, I knocked them against a door on my way out to the shops and then when I plugged them in, the cracked ear simply ceased halfway through Fruit Snacks. The only thing worse than walking without music (I like to pretend it's the soundtrack to the movie of my life - a satirical comedy, of course) is not even being able to finish a song. I don't have OCD or anything, but I just hate being left hanging like that. It is literally the most annoying thing in the world. It would've been fine if it had ended on a low note or at the end of a sentence giving me some kind of closure but no, it went "all of my team is the realest and we ne--" (!!!). I tried to let it play out with just one ear and then with the speakers, but it just wasn't the same [sad face].

Anyway now that I've only got the one ear working, my whole world feels lopsided and since I listen to everything at full blast, I'm just about deaf in my left ear now. The quest to find a better pair of earphones for about the same price is still dragging on, albeit incredibly slowly... I might just get the same ones again.


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