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NEW VIDEO: BOJ - #BOTM (BOJ on the Microphone)


So while I was chilling in uni, being the good student that I am, DRB Las Gidi's BOJ thought it would be appropriate to drop the Boj on the Microphone (#BOTM) video in my momentary cyber absence which went ahead to start trending on Twitter. Thanks a lot, bruh.

Anyway, let's get to analyzing. There isn't really much to say because it's pretty simplistic and straightforward, but in a personal way; not like a chewed-up-and-spat-out-by-the-industry short film (not that I don't like those). But I really like this as well. I didn't quite get why it took so long for this to come out, but I suppose now it makes sense; they needed the clips from the shows and what-not to tell us what we already know: DRB's gonna blow pretty soon.

I've noticed that he, Ladi and Teni are quite shy in front of the camera though, Ladi more than all of them (just check out Mirrors if you haven't already; cuteness overload) which is funny because I'm pretty sure he's the most outspoken of them all, as evidenced by his latest Twitter outburst. I don't get why people air those kind of issues on Twitter though. But that's by the way.

Let's take another minor detour to BOJ's enviable dress sense. He makes the 'African hipster' thing look hella cool. Mind you, very few people can pull that look off so don't go getting any ideas, guys. It's not by force. His hair is still an issue for me though, as much as I love him. Every time I see it, I feel like singing 50's Candy Shop only my version goes: 'I'll take you to the barber shop, I'll have them give your hair a chop...'

The scene in the woods with the bridge reminds me of Jaiye Jaiye. Not necessarily a bad thing though, just making a statement. There were quite a few cameos as well, one of whom I have finally put a name to! He kept turning up on just about every Nigerian celebrity's Instagram (at least the ones whose Instagrams I happen to have stumbled upon), so I of course, thought he was King Famzer which I found both amusing and sad (apologies, man, btw but if it's any consolation, I did have mad respect for your famzing levels). But it turns out he's not just a really fortunate photo-bomber/groupie, he actually runs the talent agency called Stargaze to which DRB Las Gidi is signed, and his name may or not be Asa Asika. That's about as far as my journalistic skills have gotten me. Other cameos include Davido, Poe, the Show Dem Camp guys and, correct me if I'm wrong, the Soho Sister (love her!).

As simple as the Remi Kaan-directed video was, I do think it was slightly over-hyped. But not irritatingly so and, again, I like it so it's alright. Check out the #BOTM video via YouTube below and tell me what you guys think.

Happy viewing!


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