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NEW VIDEO: Childish Gambino X Chance the Rapper - The Worst Guys


So, Chance and Donald just dropped this video on us yesterday like a hot potato. And 'hot', it is.

'Sembling a homemade video, I am seriously digging how 'real' these visuals are. The guys looked totally comfortable in front of the camera and you could actually see the brother-like chemistry between them. It was like a "day in the life"-type shindig, and who doesn't like seeing what their favourite peoples get up to? Shame Chance had no lines, but whatever, we love his face just the same, and the "all she needed was some" was some hilariously good input.

This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I first heard this, but then again, I only just watched Clapping for the Wrong Reasons this Christmas (last-carrier, I know; Chris Bosh's house though). Mind you, that video will only leave you with even more questions so head over to the Because the Internet site straight after and read the screenplay... You'll still have questions, but you know... not as many. More importantly though, listen to the whole album otherwise, there really is no point. Although I suppose you'll still love the cameos; Kyle, LudwigStefan (who recently followed me back on Tumblr; cue the high-pitched scream followed by the mellow "be cool, girrrl, chill" #DramaQueen #FamzersForTheWin), Chance and so on.

I'd bet my last dollar Donald's just sat behind his laptop, reading the comments and blogs, laughing at all of us still trying to figure out what the hell's going on.

Man, I love that guy! The whole thing's borderline-genius, if you ask me. He better clear the air soon though; I hate not knowing things. Ignorance really is bliss.

But back to the Worst Guys. The visuals are more of a mood than an actual music video, in typical Gambino fashion, and the angles director Kyle Newacheck chose for this were spectacular - especially that sunset. Every iced-up bone in my body wished I was on that beach, where the sun wasn't just for visual stimuli, where you could actually feel that strange, almost-forgotten-but-dearly-missed feeling I think I remember being called "warmth."

England, your weather sucks-ass; get it together.

I'm off to report my broken heater now, but be sure to check out the Worst Guys video via YouTube below.

Happy viewing!


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