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New Video: D'Prince X Davido - Gentleman [Dir. Clarence Peters]


Clarence Peters' recent work has been on a bit of a hit-and-miss grind lately which is disappointing, however, although this is by no means perfect, he's certainly regained form with this Gentleman video.

There are some things I wouldn't have done (the fireworks FX, for example: a bit amateurish and unnecessary, non?) but overall I found this mildly theatrical, amusing and quite engaging. I haven't been to a Nigerian wedding in FOREVER (hint-hint, people I know) so it was a fun albeit nostalgic watch.

I believe this is the first time I've talked about both artistes' music on here, actually (if this was a Japanese variety show, there'd be awesome music playing right about now so just imagine that's happening right now... speaking of Japanese TV, who else thinks Takeshi's Castle was and probably will always be the best thing ever? Not the Rebooted one though, I refused to watch that because I heard Craig Charles wasn't in it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about though, DO NOT click here unless you find people falling over and generally being stupid absolutely hilarious).

I quite like a lot of D'Prince's songs; they generally lack depth and the lyrics are more or less basic, but one can't deny his music is pretty damn catchy. I wouldn't say I was a fan of his per se though but I like and respect his steeze. Davido is sort of a different case though. Donning my White Hat of Objectivity, the guy's talented and his music sells but, and perhaps the media is partly to blame for this, I don't particularly approve of some of the things he does to the extent that I would not go out of my way to listen to his music unless he had someone else I liked featured on it or unless there was no escaping it, like Skelewu for instance. He did something extremely disrespectful to a family friend as well which didn't exactly tip the scales in his favour. Common decency knows not wealth nor status, simple as.

But that's just my personal take on things; I'd still recommend his music to anyone who asks any day.

Anyway back to the video. I just love the tactility of it! Valentine's Day's coming up (as the shacked-up bloggers I follow keep reminding me *insert golf ball-sized eye-roll here*) and with spring's wedding season looming, dropping the video now can only mean one thing: more moneeeyyy! Don Jazzy, you business-savvy old man, you.

The costumes, which I believe were designed by luxuxry fashion house, Okunoren Twins, have to be the absolute highlight for me. The dresses were gorgeous, but the suits! Honestly, is there anything like a man in a well-cut, tailored suit? Davido looked particularly dapper with that bow-tie, and D'Prince's maroon suit was just perf; I found myself wanting one too (co-ords are back for S/S '14 as well so it works out perfectly).

Anywho, check out the visuals below via YouTube and download the track for free here (hint: one-click download) courtesy of Mavin Records.

Happy viewing!



  1. Some review tho....not so professional, Your Personal feelings or sentiments is really no one's business, and should not be part of a 'review', "Personal View on D'Prince's GentleMan Video" woulda been more appropriate...but hey, im just another anonymous asshole right?? Cheers!...PS: dont bother to reply me, cant rem ur blogger address anyways, thats if u even Post this...LOL :* :*

    1. It would probably have served you well to read the About page first. I am not a professional blogger. However, not that I care for your tone or your false presumptions, I will definitely consider increasing the technical content. So thank you and have a nice day!


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