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NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber X Chance the Rapper - Confident


Patience really is a virtue.

It seems my decision to stop waiting for the Confident video was premature. I think it was released pretty soon after I posted my NVA post *sigh*. I might stay up for the Can't Remember to Forget You video tonight then. Fingers crossed it's better than Beautiful Liar.

But let's crack on.

Conceptually, I can't say there's anything new about this. It was, through and through, a typical Bieber vid; he stuck to his guns and as cheesy as they are, they're still working for him. This one particularly felt super Chris Brownie though (ahaha). A little bit of Fine China, a hint of Run It!, a dash of Forever... I could go on. I'm sure there are still a few other concepts to explore for videos for their loved-up R'n'B but I can't really think of any at the moment. I'm not sure if it's because I would just plain suck as a director/producer or because I've seen so much of the same thing that it has become the norm...

Treating this independently, I think Colin Tilley did a pretty good job. It had an edgy, youthful, urban feel and matched the lyrics of the song perfectly, right down to the cheddar moment with the Takis. The acting wasn't parfait, but it's not a movie and he's not a professional actor so it's to be expected. It really played down the dark, almost sultry visuals though, making it less borderline-sex-predator-Bieber-on-the-prowl and more young-boy-blinded-by-love/infatuation (depending on your disposition). You can definitely tell that - while the young man is growing (sadly, not in the most admirable way) - unlike his female counterpart Miley Cyrus, Bieber is staying mildly true to his original target audience (with a few innuendos for good measure): tweens and teens alike who are far less averse to such capricious love stories. But us, older folk can still get a kick out of this as there's lot's of dancing and kids being kids, reminding us of the good old days. Plus for six minutes, it definitely doesn't feel like it drags on for too long.

And Chance may not have done the kind of dancing I had hoped for (full-on choreography complete with disco lights, back-up dancers and jazz hands... OK, maybe not the jazz hands) but his dancing was adorably satisfying nonetheless. Rappers generally need to move more, I think. Just look at Missy Elliot and T-pain (he's technically a rapper too right?). Vin Diesel's Katy Perry/Beyonce video is a clear indication that watching people who "have game" or are generally perceived as "hard" get down is the best thing since sliced bread!

Be sure to check out the visuals below via YouTube and let me know what you guys think. As usual, happy viewing (... I really need a new sign-off)!


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