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What is Nigeria Coming To?

This is, by no means not a political blog. Not really my thing, so I'll keep this uber brief. Basically, I am pissed.

Something totally insane happened a couple days ago and since I haven't got any more papers this week, I figured I might as well write about it. I don't think I have ever been more ashamed of being Nigerian. Not even when that guy tried to bomb that plane and ended up setting his underwear on fire - although that was just tragic, every which way you look at it.

If you've gone all the way back to read my very first post (please don't), you'd know that I fully support LGBT equality, and rightly so. Their sexuality should in no way affect their rights, the same way those of the unbelievably perverted, sexist, indisciplined men on the streets of Nigeria with the inability to understand the word "no" who unashamedly hit on female passers-by, aren't.

But does the Nigerian parliament understand that?


That country's government not only went ahead to secretly pass a bill criminalizing homosexuality on the seventh of January, the thirty-eighth in Africa to do so, but the police have actually started arresting people for it now! And the president spokesperson somehow believes that the Nigerian people are totally on board with this.

Well, wake up and smell reality, dude, because quite a few of us are not. Does that mean our voices don't count either?

Your government is pitiful, a cause of great pain and embarrassment on a global scale for over a hundred million people, and instead of passing bills and finding new ways to help bring the greater percentage of them out from under the line of poverty, you think it's OK to pass a law putting innocent people in jail. Warped priorities, man!

You are now giving the world more evidence of Nigeria's pitiful Human Development Index with this unbelievable display of poor education. Right now, in the 21st century, a fully-functional human being with the added responsibility of being in power, can seriously think this is the way forward? Like, they actually used the bits of grey matter in their crania to full effect and agreed that this was the right thing to do?

Using religion as the basis for condemning people who haven't done anything that wasn't consensual is just evil. But of course, the Bible is nowhere in sight when they're doing their dirty dealings (James Ibori, I'm still looking at you, bruh), further corrupting the nation's government. My Nigerian passport is due to be thrown out the window at this rate. The next thing on your agenda, Jonathan, better be to take Nigeria out of the United Nations; at least that way we know our basic human rights are completely void and free to be abused.

When, Lord, will Nigeria have a leader, a true leader, one we can look up to the same way the Americans (and quite a few other nations, let's be honest) look up to Obama and the majority of his predecessors?

And it's not like the Western public's view of Nigeria hasn't been soured enough, these people have now poisoned our constitution with their potent ignorance. Nothing relevant has come from Jonathan's term, as far as I'm concerned. Removing fuel subsidies, the ASUU strike, criminalizing gay people... like, did you not run for office alongside Yar'adua with some kind of plan? And when he died, did you not think it right to at least try to take this nation forward a little bit, for his sake as well as your people?

Now would be a good time for a petition to be started to fight this. No matter what your feelings on homosexuality is, this is not right. If the tables were turned, how would you feel if you were jailed for being straight in a gay society? We need to stop these people dragging our nation's name through the mud and make them give us something to be proud of instead of more reasons for people who can afford it to emigrate, worsening the situation for those who can't.

I'm all tired out now, I'm that upset; so I'll just leave you with a few links from the Telegraph, the Guardian, the BBC, and CBS for your enlightenment on the issue whilst I research what the gay rights activists are doing to fight this and what the rest of us can do to help; because as much as I'd like it to be, writing and tweeting about it is not enough.


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