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I've been busy, I've been busy
I get distracted when my school-work gets too much (so)
I've been thinking, I've been thinking
Why don't I do a round-up music post and give it all to you? Na-naaaa...

Get it? Get it?

OK, so it wasn't brilliant, but it just came to me and I went with it. This is just a round-up of twelve Nigerian songs/videos I really liked this month (but didn't get around to writing about) to celebrate our 200th post and the milestone we reached in the page views department last weekend. Whoop-whoop! Get cyber-turnt up with me, people!

Olamide X Ajebutter 22 X Lynxxx - Jogodo [Prod. Pheelz]

I don't think I've ever been a massive Olamide fan. He's got a few jams, no doubt, but I still think he's a tad overrated. Perhaps it's because the only words I actually understand in his music aren't exactly spectacular displays of lyricism. Olamide Stans, stand down, stand down, because with that being said, I really like this track.

The cover art left a lot to be desired, but it's an undeniable jam. I can only imagine Olamide was good according to the universal-albeit-non-trustworthy reviews. The thing about the Egyptian baby's she-daddy, I didn't quite grasp but you know, whatever. Butter gave this otherwise Hip Hop-centric track some impressive New School life. I really like his music; he's unique and extremely talented. I haven't listened to all of Anytime Soon yet but so far, so good. Lynxxx was definitely on his 'A' game. His versatility is probably his biggest selling point because his Ifeoma-esque songs are on that jam-after-jam wave (even if the videos aren't everything). But when he needs to bring it rap-wise, he brings it with added props for good measure. Pheelz daren't be forgotten because the production was pretty stellar as well.

You can download Jogodo for free via NJO here.

B_Red - Iwaju

I'm not familiar with B_Red (so you can imagine how amusing I found his "everybody wanna be like me" verse) but he sounds a hell of a lot like Davido. I gather their from the same label so this is not a good thing for either of them because it could mean that, depending on sales and what-not, one of them is ultimately dispensable. Nonetheless, I quite like this - the hook is catchy as hell - even if it feels incredibly cheesy. Shizzi's Eastern Nigeria-sourced production was pretty cool as well. I smell a beach scene in the video for some reason. I dare them to prove me wrong.

You can download Iwaju via NJO for free.

Chopstix X Burna Boy X Endia X Yung L X Eva X Sarkodie - Shuga

How good is Burna Boy's voice though? Like, seriously. I love how the others picked up the dancehall vibe on this as well. His bit after the very first hook is my favourite. Although to be fair, this song is amazeballs overall. I'm not familair with Endia but he's not bad! Eva is pretty underrated, I think, because this was fairly impressive lyricism. Props to Yung L and Sarkodie as well, two of my favourite Ghanaian music exports. Chopstix however, was the crowning glory because the production was brilliant.

The Sound below is very poorly mixed (to the person who did this, please, it is not by force to put your own spin on things) but it was the only one I could find on Sound Cloud. You can download the actual Shuga for free via NJO here though.

D'Banj - Bother You [Video]

I can't say I haven't missed D'Banj and his eccentric dance moves. This video gets my vote - and not just because it has clips from Half of a Yellow Sun which stars the beautiful creature I've pledged my undying love to, Chiwetel Ejiofor (#ChiwChiw #YourWifeyisOverHereBoo #ThandieILoveYouButGetYourPawsOffMyMan #LoveYouChiw #AgeIsJustANumber #YouCanSnatchMyCradleAnyDay #OKTheseHashtagsAreGettingOutOfHand).

It's also because watching this, you can just tell D'Banj is thinking "the camera loves me, it really, really loves me!" He just owns it with his ratchet facial expressions, it really is the cutest thing. The song itself (co-written by D'Banj himself and Lionel Richie - obviously, Richie brought in the "fiesta / forever / whenever" bit) is fantastic and the video definitely did it justice. The beach was just gorgeous as was that horse. I am not an animal person (and I voice this on a near-daily basis what with the incredible amount of inconsiderate people here who not only have the nerve to walk their dogs in public spaces, but also proceed to take said dogs off their leashes, putting my safety at risk for the animal's personal gain) but horses are just awesome. They stink but they're good fun.

Well-deserved props to the song's producer, DeeVee. You can pre-order Bother You on iTunes here or just download it for free via NJO here.

Wizkid - On Top Your Matter

The visuals for Wizkid's On Top Your Matter dropped rather recently and I can say I am a satisfied Wiz fan - for the most part. I really wish Nigerian directors would quit shooting from elevated angles; it irks me so, especially when it is of no purpose. Sesan, you're better than this.

The rest of the video however, was cute but some scenes were kind of pointless. The bit with the bicycles, for example. Some times people can get away with random visual asides, but with a song as clearly-focused as this one, I really don't see what that was doing there. A completely marriage-centred video would've been more appropriate even if incredibly predictable. The second was definitely the better half of this. The actors were just too cute; I actually hope they're together fo'reals because they should be, they're perfect. The videography itself was phenomenal as well.

Download On Top Your Matter for free via NJO here.

Davido - Aye

Random turn of events but I thought you guys might appreciate the fact that a fight has literally just broken out in the library between some MSc students over their peer assessments, and it is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'm literally crying right now because I'm laughing so hard. Voices have been raised, pencils are being thrown, fingers are being jabbed in people's faces... it's academic bedlam.

But anyway, Davido's Aye is another slice of 'cutie' pie (get itʔ). It's got a proper story as Davido's videos usually do, this time set in a more rural scene. Props to Clarence Peters, the director because they made it as realistic as possible, right down to the poor and incredibly-sweaty (I mean, damn) Davido and his love interest's awesome hair - which was a breath of fresh air. It was engaging and they looked like they had fun with it. Two thumbs up from me.

Download Aye for free via NJO here.

Wizkid X Yemi Sax - One Question

Dr Frabz is not a name I have heard in a long while but he murdered the production on this one - as did Yemi Sax (beast!). I really like this song! I knew I would before I even pressed play. This is always the case when it comes to Wizkid. The jazzy vibe of the saxophone coupled with the cultural ambience of the drums was pure magic. As usual with Wizkid, One Question is an eternal tune. And in response to your question, Wizkidː yes, boo, I am going to dance with you - any time, any day, just holla at your girl.

Download One Question for free via NJO here.

Wande Coal - Plan B

This is brilliant. Just brilliant. Wande takes the quintessential Valentine's Day song and turns it on its head with wonderfully refined lyrics from the mouth of Boyfriend #2. Maleek Berry never fails to impress. This has such a Usher Raymond-vibe. Seriously, check it out below.

Plan B is available download for free via NJO here.

Aramide - Feeling This Feeling

I now crown Aramide Nigeria's very own Demi Lovato. A lot of artistes seem to be going back to their roots with their music - which I love. Her voice is polished and incredibly powerful. This song is just plain beautiful with the rural-inspired production coming courtesy of Sizzle Pro. She needs to keep 'em coming. I have a theory that Trybe Records is literally stifling their young talents and now she's left (supposedly), I bet we'll be hearing more jams from her.

Feeling This Feeling is available for free download via NJO here.

Rayce - Just Like That

Rayce is actually a very impressive and incredibly underrated artiste. He brings out hit after hit (Roll is still my jam) and as much as everyone loves his music, I still wouldn't class him as an A-lister which is terrible. Moving on, he produced this catchy-as-hell pop song himself with his signature groovy sound and infectiously rhythmic lyrics.

Just Like That is available to download for free via NJO here.

Tiwa Savage - Love In Yellow

Tiwa Savage gave us some funky Valentine's Day magic with this track. Spellz's production was an impressive retro/futuristic funk combination which sounds a hell of a lot like Fine China, but maybe that's just me. Moving on, Tiwa clearly knows her stuff because this is some good music. I should probably give her album a good gander. My last encounter with Tiwa was Kele Kele Love, and that monstrosity that was the Oyi video, so I suppose it's long overdue.

Love In Yellow is available to download for free via NJO here.

Sarz X K9 - Celebration

K9 sang in French - too cute! This song is just everything. K9 is clearly talented - his voice is so rich and gorgeous. I had no idea he had this in him! Trybe Records really need to learn to handle their signees' creativity. The label is slowly turning into a black hole where careers go to fizzle out until a random track is released to revive the fire just a little bit before it goes out again. Let them grow or let them go, I say.

Celebration was produced by Sarz as part of his Year of Appreciation project. It has a South African feel to it as well, like it wouldn't have sounded out of place at the 2010 World Cup - which is not a bad thing at all. It's very well crafted and just the exposure K9 needed.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading - and to my followers, thank you for the support! I shall refrain from giving my well-rehearsed Oscar's speech, maybe until our first anniversary in June...

Have a good'un, peeps!


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