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City Hopper: London, What's Good?

"London is a roost for every bird." - Benjamin Disreali

These are just some of the pictures I took from my mini-trip to the big city for the Chubbziano EP listening party. Oh, did I mention I went to that? No? Well, have no fear; you will get to (extra, extra) read all about it soon enough.

As is always the case, my trip to London was riddled with fairly amusing stories. For example, not only did I forget the memory card for my camera, but I also forgot my SIM card. Can anyone explain to me why payphones never work in this country? Are they just for show now?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take it from the top.

After nearly missing my 11:30 coach on Sunday because I conveniently remembered I hadn't actually packed with only two hours to spare, I got off at the Victoria coach station and casually walked all the way to Chelsea to see an old classmate from Sixth Form with my nose buried in my map as I was going to be staying with him that night.

Prior research was done (rather half-heartedly) regarding bus times and tube lines, but I'm pretty sure life without an Oyster card has been made deliberately difficult by Transport for London, so I just decided to walk.

I should get an Oyster card, really... but that would be letting "the man" win. Plus, after D of E, I feel like I can walk anywhere... heels probably weren't the smartest choice though.

But I still made it in about half an hour. It was a bit of a hassle finding a phone to actually tell him I'd arrived though, as my phone proceeded to die on me rendering the newly purchased Lebara SIM ultimately useless. Luckily, one lady was feeling very generous with her free minutes.

I hadn't seen my friend for nearly a year so we had a lot of catching up to do over some delicious bacon and toast (breakfast-for-lunch for the win). We had a mini-itinerary planned for the few hours I had before the party, but we both knew we weren't going anywhere as soon as I kicked off my boots.

Instead, a broad spectrum of stories were exchanged as we tried to cram the last nine months of our lives into three measly hours. Needless to say, time flew by unbelievably quickly.

I was tempted to walk all the way to Soho, but he just laughed when I said this and made my write down the directions to the nearest tube station. He then proceeded to point me in the right direction when we got outside like a child (it's a good thing he did tbh, I was totally gonna go the other way). He couldn't come with me as he had a dinner to attend which sucked because I really could've used a wing man that night - never turn up to a party alone; it is the epitome of awkward situations.

Anyway, I took the tube... and still got a bit lost anyway when I stepped out of Piccadilly Circus station, because I told him I didn't need to write the directions from that end too as I could, and I quote, "just wing it."

I spent a good twenty minutes heading in every direction but the right one, muttering "Regent Place, Regent Place, where on earth is Regent Place?" repeatedly until I found the damned sign, aka the only landmark I remembered from the Google Maps-ing session.

I did manage to get a few pictures using a borrowed memory card before showing up bang on time outside the hotel the listening party was held at, so have a bit of a gander before I tell you all about that.

I am proud to say though, that I was able to find my way back to Piccadilly Circus pretty easily and the next morning, I walked all the way back to Victoria station without once looking at my map. And I gave a man directions to Sloane Square on the way as well!

Could I be turning into a Londoner already?

Found the little bugger!
Pfft! Tourists...
This is where the magic happened...

PS - I apologize for the picture quality again but this Samsung PL81 is all I have to work with at the moment and it did not like the 16GB memory card I borrowed for it. 4GB seems to be all it can take without going in and out of focus, and blacking out for thirty seconds between takes. Please, feel free to take it upon yourself to buy me a new camera as a belated birthday present [wink-wink]. DSLRs or nothing though; I'm not about that point-and-shoot life anymore #BeggarsCanBeChoosers


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