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NEW MUSIC: BOJ X Dammy Krane - Wifey


Umm... so is this a jam of life or what?

I've mentioned multiple times how much I detest slow Afro music. My auditory buffer starts to fail as there's too much room to absorb the mediocrity of the lyrics and makes me far too aware that the pentatonics and killer productions are the songs' only saving graces.

But without fail, the guys from DRB - together or apart - make me forget all about that. BOJ's husky, jazzy voice is made even more brilliant when contrasted Dammy Krane's melodic vocals. Studio Magic have yet to disappoint me and if they ever do, a strongly worded letter shall swiftly be sent their way because this is one winning streak I do not want to end. The strings-based production is chilled with a 'pure' musical sound, if that makes sense. Sometimes you listen to acoustic covers of Nigerian songs and you eventually start to wonder what the hell it is you're listening to, a mash-up perhaps? Did the band get the wrong sheet music? Or were they never even playing what you originally thought?

But Wifey isn't like that at all; it's less synthesized and more "if I heard a band play this live, it would be just as brilliant if not more." It goes down very easily, and that only makes you love it even more.

The overall sound is very vintage 'south-west Nigeria', something you'd expect to hear being sung live in a cool, dimly-lit club where the artistes of the underground go to grace their audience with their unique sound. Sensual, smooth and extremely well done, another member of my "summer playlist" crew has definitely been born.

You can support the artistes and cop Wifey on iTunes, or download it for free on Sound Cloud for however long its available.

Happy listening!

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