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NEW MUSIC: Boots - Dust (Supporting Video)


The one-man army, Boots graced us with another track a couple days ago, to my utter delight.

You know who Boots is, don't you? He's Jordy Asher, the mysterious brains behind Beyoncé... the album; Beyoncé the person is still human as far as I can tell. If you are about to argue with me and that argument goes something along the lines of how since he wasn't credited on all the songs, he isn't really the brains behind the album, then I invite to sit down and hush the hush up. He worked on all the songs I like so I am giving him full props.

Very little is known about Mr Asher. I like to think it's because he's a super hero with the powers to make incredibly good music - but of course, he must protect his true identity as much as he can lest an evil general from his hometown, New York learns of his existence and demands that we hand Jordy over so he can obtain the codex and proceed to repopulate the earth with genetically-engineered New Yorkers!

... OK, so I may or may not have watched Man of Steel again last night. But it's still totally plausible.

Anyway, now Jordy's back with Dust which he wrote, produced and recorded himself, with Stuart White on mixing duty. He then went on to release the supporting visuals directed by Cara Stricker. Check out the track via Sound Cloud and the video via YouTube below, and let me know what you think.*

Dust is available for free download on Boots' Sound Cloud page.


* - My review will be out shortly.


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