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NEW MUSIC: Davido - Aye

Davido released the fourth single off his sophomore album a couple days ago.

The lyrics are what they always are when it comes to Afro pop: hackneyed, uninspired, a little banal. I'm not particularly familiar with all of his work, but the overall sound was surprisingly mature for Davido. Produced by T Spice (not the simulation program like I initially thought - threw me off for a second), it was definitely not Skelewu and whilst I'm usually averse to Afro music that doesn't have the 120 bpm we know and love, I quite like this.

The artwork was definitely the deciding factor in my to-press-play-or-not-to-press-play conflict though. It was courtesy of Duks whose work is truly remarkable. It's simple, understated, textured; the lack of embellishment makes it unbelievably amazing. Although he hasn't uploaded anything in a while, it's definitely worth giving Duks' YouTube channel a gander.

Check out Aye below via YouTube and let me know what you think. According to Twitter, fans of Runtown and Davido will be happy to hear the Gallardo video is going to be shot next week. I smell #CarPorn and that is its numero uno selling point for me. But I won't lie, the song's good too. I think I might have to stop saying I'm not a fan of Davido [sigh]. Maybe...

Aye is available for free download here via Audio Mack.

Happy listening!


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