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NEW MUSIC: Estelle - Make Her Say (Beat It Up) [Explicit]


Well, well, well, Estelle has finally come out to play... but not by herself (Bazinga).

I love Estelle dearly, but I'm not digging this "comeback" track at all. It's far too explicit for my taste. Perhaps if the lewdness had been cushioned by more extensive (not to mention more inventive) lyrics - she doesn't really say much else than "beat the pussy up" - and perhaps if the cover art wasn't so in-your-face... I mean, if you're into that sort of thing then yeah, this is a Partition-esque jam... only not quite as universally accepted. I do feel Beyoncé's marital status bought her a lot more tolerance, which seems unfair.

But mindless pornographic music is just not something I want Estelle dabbling in. I hold her to such a high regard which, OK, is no fault of hers - but still. Yes, this will (already is, in fact) get people talking, but it is so random, greatly lacking in depth and a little disappointing. I understand you're a grown woman and feel free to call me prudent, but giving us the uninhibited play-by-play is a bit much, non?

The production is the only real winner here in my book. It's got this boombox appeal I personally think Yeezy would've murdered the fudge out of. D. Smith appears to be the mastermind behind the throbbing aural beauty adorned with tribalistic calls and finger-snaps. Check the track out for yourself via Sound Cloud below.

Make Her Say comes off the EP titled Love & Happiness Vol. III: How Stella Got Her Groove Back which we can expect to drop later this year.


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