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NEW MUSIC: Kelela - The High


Let it be known: I love Kelela to death and back.

Produced by Gifted & Blessed, The High is reminiscent of that Kanye/808s & Heartbreak sound. But of course, they made it their own completely.

Smooth yet aurally kaleidoscopic, I love how the track enraptures the listener from start to finish, encapsulating what us non-smokers can only imagine is the experience of getting high - the slow tempo gives the dreamy illusion that time has suddenly slowed down; the pulsating bass is like your heart drumming in your ears; her voice starts to sound like it's enveloping you, and then the vocalizer kicks in and your mind is just blown. But you don't quite hit that climax. There's a longing in her voice which she transfers to you, so you end up replaying it over and over to get your fix.

I gather this song is not about drugs (I think I've gotten a bit better at spotting metaphors after the Pink Toes fandango) but I'll leave you to guess. On a scale of one to ten, it's not Flappy Bird-difficult. I'm getting a bit obsessed with the 'stoner music' culture so this is right up my street. For anyone else looking for a bit of stoner music, check out the Lonely Stoner mixtape by Stay Fly's Aifé. For anyone worried I might end up trying it out (hi, Mum; hi, Dad), take a chill pill - I nearly die when I walk into a cloud of other people's smoke on the street, imagine what would happen if it was actually inside me. No, thank you.

Gifted & Blessed's electronic production and Kelela's futuristic sound was indeed a match made in heaven. Her voice is completely intoxicating on this. I would love to hear a collaboration between her and Solana Rowe (aka SZA). Their music is quite similar but I really think they could mash up something great in the studio.

Do yourself a favour and check out Kelela's The High via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!


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