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NEW MUSIC: Nicki Minaj X Tyga X Lil' Wayne - Senile


Look, it's this decade's Roger That. The cover art is very OFWGKTA... I dig it.

Let's start off with the production because it is still blowing my mind. Every five seconds, I go from "this is just so over the place, I don't even - whaaat?" to "oh my damn, this is hard though!" Senile was produced by David D.A. Doman, and you'll see what I mean when you play it. It's what you'd expect the term "mind f--ck" to sound like. The uber-heavy bass was fairly consistent but everything else kept going in a direction different to what you'd expect which, for a kinda-sorta Type A person like me, can only either go very wrong or very right. In this case, I can say it went superbly right.

Even though she wasn't phenomenal on this, it goes without saying, her Minajesty is on fire this year. She had some extremely slick verses though, I'll give her that, and she had fun with it but this didn't get me as riled up as LAN did. Nonetheless, I think everyone's taking her a lot more seriously now - as they should.

Tyga was a bit iffy here in my opinion as well. On one hand, when you listen to his verse, you think this is actually quite good. He doesn't quite flex his rap game as hard as you'd expect, which is a shame because I feel very few people take him seriously, but his lyrics are humorous and intelligible. His actual voice is what you keeps you engaged the most though. When Nicki and Wayne do their thing, you gradually begin to forget he's even on the track until the chorus comes on again.

Lil' Wayne didn't impress me on this either but he had a lot more fun with it. He's clearly "still got it" but I just feel that with a beat this hard, he could've brought that fire from the Upgrade You Freestyle, for example. This wasn't weak but I do think the distraction from running Young Money with people like Lil' Twist giving him unnecessary stress is really taking its toll on his game (drop that child, please).

Check out Senile below and let me know what you think. Senile comes off Young Money's anticipated compilation, Rise of an Empire which is due on the 11th of March.


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