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NEW MUSIC: Oritse Femi X Davido - Sexy Ladies


This isn't brilliant but I'll be damned if it's not a t'chuuuune.

The lyrics are terribly familiar and simplistic - at least the bits I understood - but I can't say this wouldn't get me skipping to the dancefloor (because walking is so 2003). Sadly, I know for a fact my mum would love this as well, which means I'll have to tell her she's "so lame" whenever I catch her vibing to it then play it really loudly later on just to annoy her. I can't have my parents thinking they're "hip" or "cool"; it'll ruin the whole dynamic, you know?

Moving on. In all honesty, the infectious percussion-driven production is the only reason we tolerate a lot of Nigerian music. But unfortunately, I have no idea who produced this so I can't credit him or her (what's up with female producers in Nigeria though? Seriously, Ebony Oshunrinde is the only name I actually know and she's a baby; that's a little depressing).

Speaking technically, the autotune was a little too ripe in this; I wasn't feeling that at all. For the non-Yoruba speakers, Oritse's Yoruba actually sounds a lot nicer compared to the crude English lyrics that make my inner purist wince. I tried to tune it out however, it quickly became evident the instrumental would not survive on its own, so I suggest you just pretend their voices are incomprehensible, rhythmic ad-libs. Then it gets awesome again.

Davido was alright and quite amusing ("I want to get to know you, baby take it slow / on my table, twenty bottles of Mo'" because it must rhyme by fire, by force) and I like that Oritse Femi stuck to his Afro-ghetto music steeze. I've been told it's a very Ajegunle sound (I think Ajegunle is a town in Lagos, but don't hold me to that) so if that's your kind of thing, I can safely assume you'll love this.

Check out the Sexy Ladies track via YouTube below and download it for free via NJO here.



  1. Your review requires more clarity; it's all jumbled up. Which part of the lyrics do you not understand?. If it is the Yoruba part, how do you know that Oritse's Yoruba sounds nice? Try and keep your review simple and clear. Do your research before embarking on a review, so you don't affact other people negatively out of ignorance.

  2. Hey, Anon!
    I have mentioned somewhere in the past that I don't understand Yoruba so yes, that was what I was referring to. And when I said it "sounded nice", I meant the literal sound of the words. It is no secret that the language has a musical quality to it. I honestly didn't mean to offend anyone who does speak the language; I, myself am proudly Yoruba (despite my lingual shortcomings) so it would be terribly foolish for me to do so.
    But thank you for your input! I'm fairly new to blogging so I appreciate you taking the time out to give me a few helpful tips. I will do well to anticipate new readers from now on and take them into account during my ramblings :)


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