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NEW MUSIC: Pharrell X Miley Cyrus - Come Get It


Come Get It Bae comes off Pharrell's G I R L album and features the Elongated Tongue One, Miley Cyrus.

I don't really like transparent metaphors. I'm no good with the cryptic ones, but I do appreciate their brilliance. Pharrell and Miley's "motorcycle" however, was just... old. But in the grand scheme of things, its glaring nature does make sense.

Come Get It sees Pharrell on double duty, rapping and singing, with Miley crooning and have fun over a guitar-driven production of the funk persuasion with gung-ho clapping that had me YouTubing the Meters' Hand Clapping Song right after, and chirpy hey's from Cyrus stuck in a loop. It's got a throwback 70's vibe, with see-through innuendoes and rhythmic instrumentals. Pharrell's no stranger to nostalgic music, further fuelling the "he's an age-less vampire" rumours. Seriously, how does he do it? There's nearly 20 years between them yet I don't find the motorcycle thing half as creepy as I would have if it was, say, Robin Thicke.

G I R L drops on the 5th of March. Pre-order the album on iTunes here and stream it here.


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