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NEW MUSIC: Saeon X Wizkid - Boogie Down


Anyone who's heard Jara (and proceeded to love it as much as I did) knows Saeon has a really good voice and some serious game.

This song however, does not show it off nearly enough. Boogie Down is catchy as hell, no doubt, but it's a step too far in the 'commercial' direction for her. The lyrics were incredibly iffy as well - I mean, come on, Saeon. I know for a fact you are miles better than this.

And I'm sure they could've come up with a better cover for the single as well. Yes, people, the cover art is just as important. You can't possibly think we want to have anything less than brilliant on our iPod screens when we listen to your music? That being said, this is definitely not the worst I've seen, not by a long shot.

Moving on. Considering this song is hers, it's quite sad that Wizkid completely owned this. The hook, her part included, was the only bit that didn't make me shake my head pitifully. Maleek Berry's bouncy piano-driven production was wonderfully on-point. It's not his best work, but it was pretty well-crafted so I can't complain.

Check out the track for yourself via Sound Cloud below. Boogie Down is available to download for free via NJO here.



  1. I Agree totally.

    It's all starting to sound the same. Same concepts as well.

  2. Exactly! Glad we're on the same page :)


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