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NEW MUSIC: Shane Chubbz X DAP X Mick Jenkins - Pockets


Here's another track off Chubbziano, featuring DAP and Chi town's own Mick Jenkins.

Shane Chubbz, DAP and Mick collaborate for a track that's being dubbed a 'tale of two cities.' Lyrically, the two are a brilliant match as they tell their liquor-fuelled stories about their different yet comparable cities over a mellow OnGaud production with Shane representing Lagos and London, and Mick representing Chicago. Graphic accounts and sensitive topics such as shootouts and unintended pregnancies are glossed over on Shane's part with about as much nonchalance as you'd expect from a man in the state of mind the song suggests. Mick on the other hand, has a heightened sense of pride particularly of the pecuniary kind with flavours of shame and mild nostalgia.

The production was a dream. I love the slight 'jump' between the end of their verses and the hook where the track shifts from a smooth lazy sound to the hazier synthesized hook still accompanied by the subtle percussions, like Shane and Mick had taken a break from the reminiscences to take a swig of their drink.

But above all else, I am incredibly pleased by the fact that it's available for free download! Check out Pockets via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

The Chubbziano EP drops February 19.


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