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NEW MUSIC: Soulja Boy - Doin' Me


Soulja Boy up in it - whoa!

I'm not going to lie to you all. Back when I was little, Crank That was my sh-t. I actually used to think Soulja was the coolest thing since Jetix. well, stupid. Personally, I think he was just pretty enough (without the monstrous tattoos and 90's-OG grills he's got now) for me to let his music slide.

Fast forward seven years (oh my God, I'm ancient, excuse me while I acknowledge my proximity to death's door and bawl my eyes out), I still think he's super cool - ironically, obviously. I'll learn his lyrics (not exactly a difficult feat) and then add the word "bars" to the end of every line because they're so raw, so hard-hitting. If I ever met him, I would wash him till thy kingdom come. I could quite happily live my life as a Soulja Girl; it would be like hanging out with a comedian, you'd just end up laughing the whole time.

I know that's a terrible thing to say about a person. But this song, Doin' Me does not help matters at all...

Real talk, this is some real rap. Y'all thought Hip Hop was dead? This is where it's at. No joke, the lyrics go so hard. They make me feel so enlightened. And he was doing some Nicki Minaj-esque spazzing on that beat too - don't be fooled, that wasn't a mixer or anything. It was all him. And when he just completely ignored the rhythm and went off to the beat of his own drum: that's the new style, yo. Staying on-beat is so last season; Soulja's always miles ahead of the game!

He's dropped like four songs in the past 24 hours, I believe. He's always on his grind, straight-up hustling. And just look at him, he's the picture of wealth, isn't he? Look at his expensive jewellery - the fruits of his talented labour. 60K on his watch, he said! His manly affinity for having multiple chains round his neck and mahoosive rings on his fingers really is a sight to behold. Ain't nobody do it like Soulja B.

He's just doing him, guys - we should really take a leaf out of his book. Don't get too close to his crew though - they're on heat, they might do you too.

Check out Doin' Me via YouTube below, as well his other videos from Monday and Tuesday. Low-budget is the new black. Long live King Soulja!


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