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NEW MUSIC: Vic Mensa - When A Fire Starts To Burn [Freestyle]


So... Mensa just released a dope-ass freestyle.

Boy, am I glad I didn't go to bed early tonight for a change. I didn't think it was possible to love Disclosure's When a Fire Starts to Burn any more than I already did, but Vic Mensa has proven me wrong. Lyrically on point, he did it justice from start to finish with as much fiery braggadocio as you'd expect from such a talented young'un. It's still such a dance tune but with a dash of Chi-town House.

One minute in, I was already like: Hi, Vic. Welcome to my summer playlist.

Random side-note: I hate everyone who got tickets to see him and Danny Brown in Manchester. It was supposed to be my first official concert and a belated birthday present to myself. I was so looking forward to it - so much so that I was tempted to write a really long, really false sob story to make you extremely guilty for your betrayal. But I suppose I'll have to settle for blurry pictures and incomprehensible Instagram videos. Yay me.

Check out his When a Fire Starts to Burn freestyle via SoundCloud below. Happy listening!


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