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NEW VIDEO: IBK Spaceshipboi - Loving You [Acapella]


[channelling my inner Shoshanna] OMG, this is, like, so cute I could, like, die.

Ibukun Emuwawon (aka IBK Spaceshipboi), as much as I find your stage name tedious solely because of the "boi" (you obviously know how to spell... but I suppose it wouldn't have the same effect with a 'y' - even if Astroboy managed to pull it off), you are clearly my kind of guy, you little weirdo.

I don't care that some people find him "immature", I think he's brilliant and exactly what the Nigerian music scene needs: diversity. Y'all need to stop sleeping on this gem.

IBK's quirkiness definitely shines through in this video, directed by Jay Franklyn and the Spaceshipboi himself - so much so that I'm totally shipping IBK and this Adunmi lady (Ibukunmi? Adunshipboi? I'll work on it and get back to you). The vid's fairly unique not to mention intriguing, but it's its crudeness and simplicity that further emphasize its brilliance.

His voice is phenomenal as well. Seriously, check out all versions of Loving You off his album, I Come in Peace below via Sound Cloud and via YouTube and let me know what you think. I can't decide which I love more, they're that good!

I Come in Peace is available on iTunes here. Alternatively, you can download both tracks for free on his Sound Cloud page.


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