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NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - Lookin' Ass N---a


Finally, an anthem for the ladies!

Nicki is no stranger to controversy and with the heavy use of expletives on this track (I don't even want to imagine what the clean version of this sounds like), she's clearly not looking to stop anytime soon.

LAN comes off her latest project, currently titled The Pink Print, which she says is going to focus more on rap as opposed to the commercial, pop songs on Pink Friday.

And rap she did. Definitely not her 'A' game, but still, her lyrics were fresh-from-the-butcher's-shop raw. It's Nicki we used to know: the foul-mouthed, unabashedly bold woman, out there for the world to see.

I do have a few issues with it, of course. Unfortunately for her, I'd just watched the LaVena Johnson documentary so what would have been a teeth-sucking response to the rape metaphor became immense disappointment.

No. Just no. I get what you mean, I do - but no.

Same goes for the Malcolm X issue. Major no-no, but she has apologized and retracted it, so bringing it up again is unnecessary.

The forty-something racial slur-bombs were a bit much as well. Hip-hop generally blurs the _ of the word, but the frequency with which she carelessly throws it around could suggest that she's encouraging the blatant disregard for the derogatory connotations, particularly when used by the Caucasians. Generally speaking, context is key when it comes to using the slur. But, while I don't want to be racist myself, I'm sure (at least I hope) people appreciate the aggravated touchiness when it comes from certain mouthes. "Good" intentions or not, it is not acceptable. And please, for the love of God, the word "unfair" should not pop into your head because the origin of the slur could be seen as pretty damn unfair too.

But let us not go there. This is about the video which was directed by Nabil. It's completely black-and-white, a favourite of Nabil's, but it also emphasizes the lyrical content. She's being as clear as day: don't try stepping to her if you ain't got game. She's completely ditched the bubblegum-coloured wigs and Gaga-worthy get-ups which only served to makes this even more fierce. The stripped-down simplicity was _ to the props which was basically limited to the one metal chair and the firearms.

She's wearing next to nothing in this: lace - for the femininity; flashy jewellery - for the 'power woman' aspect; ripped tights - for the woman who's been snagged by thorns one too many times... A scantily-clad Minaj with her suggestive antics is nothing new. But can I just say that this, Miley, is how to take the over-sexualization of women in the industry and turn it on it's head. I'm just saying... you might want to take notes. Showing off your entire body without the empowering lyrical content does not have the same effect.

Check out the visuals for LAN below via World Star Hip-Hop and let me know what you think. LAN is also going to be on Young Money's Rise of an Empire compilation due next month, I think.



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