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NEW VIDEO: Nizzy X Lola Rae - Egwu


It's a rarity that I watch a video and find next to nothing wrong with it if I'm being truly honest with myself.

And I hate to say it but this is not one of those times. I have no idea what they're actually saying which, as a "music blogger" (not that I would really refer to myself as one, to be fair), puts me at a major disadvantage. All I've got going for me is that it's a major dance tune, it's quite catchy and of course, the fact that I just adore Lola Rae.

Nonetheless, I am torn.

On one hand, I'm thinking this isn't too bad. The dancers weren't too shabby and the location was just dark and smoky enough to seem like a deserted-warehouse-turned-impromptu-rave; a fitting visual offer for a club song. Nizzy's energy was infectious and he looked like he was having fun with this and that's always nice to see. And the stylists clearly knew what they were doing with Lola because she looked amazing! Plus, there isn't much else to do with a song like this - so much so that I really don't think it needed a video. The money could have been put towards song promotion, increasing radio airplay and getting DJs to work it into their mixes.

On the other hand, the whole thing feels a little been-there-done-that, but with more gusto. It was energetic but overall, an exhausted concept. The actual filmography was nice but I'm not impressed by what it was actually showing. That's not to say this won't sell with the masses though, because nice video or not, the song itself is pretty wavy. Props to P2J for the Afrocentric production.

I suppose I should just let you guys check Egwu out via YouTube for yourselves below and let me know what you think, lest I make you scroll endlessly, watching me dissect this frame by frame until I reach a final verdict. I'll let you slide this one time, TeeKay, because I'm quite happy being torn when it comes to my girl, Lola. She seems like such a sweet person, I'd really hate to hate this.

Egwu is available to download for free via NJO here.


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