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MUSIC THROWBACK: Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams

Another throwback, another essence of a memory long lost...

My memory is the ficklest thing, honestly. This is just like that time I ate a salad for the first time since before I joined the double-digit age party. It was a chicken salad - scratch that, it was a free chicken salad courtesy of Virgin Trains (chill, I haven't gone all Kanye on you guys yet; it was just one of those awesome moments when first-class tickets are even cheaper than the standard fare - I live for those trips). Now it is no mystery, I love chicken. I love it boiled, fried, roasted, grilled, poached, smoked, steamed, stewed, sautéed... you get the idea.

So I figured if anything could make me love a salad, it was chicken. Suddenly I couldn't even remember why I didn't eat salads. It all made sense! I'd even gone through a major cabbage-and-ketchup phase when I was about nine (don't ask how/why but it is disgustingly delicious) and that's a kind of salad, right? But while the cabbage/ketchup invention was phenomenal, this only served to give my gag reflex a good warm-up. Cream that isn't iced or whipped is just wrong and should be banned.

OK, it wasn't really that bad if I'm being completely honest; I just had a deluge of emotions from the last time I'd eaten greens and tasted that goopy, slimy, sickening cream. I couldn't remember where or when it was, but I hated it all the same.

Anyway - there is a point to all this, I promise - that's kind of how I feel when I listen to this song. I can't remember the when or the where, but I love it just as much as I did then and have somehow managed to remember a surprising amount of the lyrics. I mean, it's always fun bursting out into song but it's even more fun when you come running in from the next room and you've got this exhilarated look on your face, like you've been possessed by a strange Hall & Oates-loving musical spirit with a mean electric slide.

So happy Throwback Thursday! Check out You Make My Dreams (Come True) via YouTube below and let me know what you think.


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