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NEW MUSIC: Boots - Ride Ride Ride

So while I was slaving away like the stereotypical engineering student (this meme has never been more true), Boots was putting up some new additions to his Sound Cloud.

It says this was released a month ago though - how did that happen? Where was I? Where was it on my feed? What?

Regardless of the time-travel kerfuffle, this is my new favourite Boots jam; every new track that comes along takes that title, to be fair. He is yet to produce a song I hate. You know what this means, don't you? It's only a matter of time before that one song comes along; one song that ruins them all, one song that defiles them, one song to cling to them all and in the darkness malign them... you've just been LOTRed.

Moving on to Ride Ride Ride, it is another "Virgin Mary" production; Boots wrote, produced, recorded it on his lonesome with Stuart White on mixing duty once again. It's got such a chilled, futuristic alt-rock-meets-R'n'B vibe. There's something about Boots' music that's consistent without seeming tired or predictable. It makes you feel like it's in a genre of its own. This is a definite must-listen so check it out via Sound Cloud below (hopefully before it gets taken down - I feel like they are playing a very irritating game, using limited supply to bump up demand; I will soon stop playing as it's getting old) and let me know what you think!


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