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NEW MUSIC: Hakym X Wizkid - Logout


I love when music leaks, I really do.

It's the perfect opportunity for one to learn of the people's thoughts on the fruits of his or her labour thus far and to determine if the extra work that needs to be put in is actually worth the effort. In this case right here, the answer is no. As in, no, there really is no point booking another studio session or hiring a mixing artist or even wasting another second thinking about this song.

From start to finish, it was just off - Wizkid's verse included (shocker, I know). It was generally painful to listen to, so much so that I very nearly discarded it into the Recycle Bin of my memory before I'd even gotten to the end. It was just Cheddar Central - logging in and out of a relationship? Really? If that was supposed to be a way of highlighting society's increased dependence on ICT to carry out social interactions, then I must say that Hakym (or whoever wrote this) just lacked the lyrical prowess to actually follow through on what could have developed in to a mildly clever idea. Instead, it remains a poorly-constructed and ultimately pointless metaphor that should never be reiterated ever again.

Wizkid sounded a hell of a lot like he did way back when as well, which I think means he owes a great deal of his success to whoever remasters his songs - like, big time.

Final verdict: this needs to be scrapped. I reckon they should do a press release as well, saying Wiz and Hakym were just messing about in the studio as a warm-up, and that the song was never meant for public consumption. Because it does not deserve it - and neither do we, to be perfectly honest.

Check out Logout below and let me know what you think.


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