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NEW VIDEO: Future X Pusha T X Pharrell - Move That Dope


I heave a sigh, a sigh as heavy as if the weight of the world was upon my shoulders for this here music video.

If you were in want of visually stimulating visuals for this bouncy hip-hop street anthem, I beg of you, look away now. For what this lacked in actual plot, Move That Dope made up for with the usual gaggle of gorgeous ("even Primark sells bras though, you have no excuse") women, and opportunistic advertising as if they swore to valiantly go that extra mile to showcase a fairly exhausted theme with but a speck of creativity (if at all).

Shot by Benny Doom, I suspect this was meant to highlight the stereotypical drug-dealing aspect of 90's gangsta rap but the brick phones and 'the Ex-Presidents' [Point Break] mask appear to be the only relevant reference to the last few decades of the twentieth century. Everything else just kinda... sucked. Somewhere between releasing the single and releasing this video, they must've forgotten that more often than not, gangsta rap wasn't exactly encouraging drugs, violence and so on, so much as raising awareness about them, because this video just doesn't feel like it is doing that at all.

I was quite alright with the single to be honest, because it did feel like they were put on some sort of persona à la Ice-T so I was half-expecting the African-American version of Scarface. But with the random cameos and even more random shots of the aforementioned phone  and a couple stacks of money, this just looks like they're basically glorifying this highly illegal lifestyle, and that is not cool. It's less-Bamboozled, more "trap music forevvs" (only, you know, less 'teenage girl'-sounding).

I know this goes without saying but do not move that dope, people. "Because Future said so" won't hold up in court, I can tell you that much... On the bright side: long live Pharrell's Buffalo hat!

Check out the Move That Dope video via YouTube here and let me know what you think. This is the sans Casino version btdubs (yes, I did just "abbreviate" an abbreviation).




  1. I absolutely love this song

    Serah from

    1. Haha I did too, to be fair... Liebe dienen blog, ubrigens! xx


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