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New is always better (Stinson for the win), but sometimes old isn't so bad either.

Am I the only person who hangs out in Urban Outfitters just to see what the hipsters are up to?

Don't get me wrong, eyeing up the pricey urban gear definitely tops the list as well. Their visual merchandisers are second to none on the high street as far as I can tell. But as non Scrooge-friendly as their prices tend to be, I still pop in every time I'm at the mall because it's just so artsy in there, oozing copious amounts of 'rock 'n' roll cool', from the peeling floorboards and high-rise walls covered with band posters and festival line-up sheets, to the cheeky birthday cards rack and tongue-in-cheek books on the sturdy wooden tables.

In my world, UO is the cheaper alternative to Saint Laurent. It is to me, what Selfridges is to the London-bound Nigerians (Instagram doesn't lie, you 'yellow paper bag' enthusiasts ;P ).

The last time I was at UO, I had a good gander (two whole hours worth, just so you know how jobless I am) through their record collection. And even though I ended up leaving with a gaping hole in my heart that only my future turntable can fill, it was the music over the PA system that really got me thinking about a few songs that wouldn't quite fit in my Music Throwback series (which mostly features pre-twenty-first century tracks) either but definitely need to be heard. So I'm starting a new one, intelligently titled 'LISTEN' because more clever alternatives have eluded me since.

I've been curating a few "semi-oldies but goldies" for the past couple of weeks now (you'll probably recognize a few from my Sound Cloud page) and will continue to do so to help you guys (re)discover a few contemporary gems. I say "curating" because I'm trying to cover as many genres as I can as well to make sure I cater to everyone's tastes, and discover a few new things myself too. The objective is for me to develop more amenable appreciation for all kinds of music, as well as to give the blog a wider (and more international) array of genres to create a more musically seasoned little "community" on here, so to speak.

So if you've got any suggestions (even if its one of your own old-ish tracks), my inbox is always open. But please note that if your suggestion includes the words "one" and "direction" juxtaposed to each other, chances are it is not going to happen.

I'm slowly being swayed towards country music thanks to Nashville. Screamo however, has been... less successful. Everything else, I'm good with - or, at least, open to if I'm completely unfamiliar with it.

Hope you guys laaiiiike iiiiiitttt!


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