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LISTEN: Dao Jones - Good At Being Single

I got a pretty random DM about Dao Jones from a friend of his on Twitter about a month ago - can't say I'm not grateful for the reference.

After giving his 100 Years EP a good gander, I knew he had to be on the LISTEN line-up but I had a hard time picking one for his spot. I eventually decided to go with Good at Being Single because it shows just how talented - not to mention versatile - the New Yorker actually is. But as awesome as his music is, let us not pretend like we are not equally as intrigued by the beard. I'm usually a "nothing more than a five o'clock shadow, bud" but it's very Ricki Hall, and who doesn't love Ricki?

After checking Good at Being Single out on Sound Cloud, you can also check out the making-of video on YouTube here and the rest of 100 Years below. 100 Years is available to download for 'free' after a quick RSS feed subscription here.



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