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NEW MUSIC: Davido X Major Lazer X Wiwek - Skelewu [Remix]

OK, so I've basically been sat here for the past thirty minutes going, "Oh, my God. What? No... Oh, my God. Oh, my God!"
Why? I'll tell you. Davido's only gone and gotten Major Lazer and Wiwek to remix his hit 2013 dance track, Skelewu.

I kid you not. I haven't decided if it's catchier than the original (mainly because of what they did to the chorus - you'll know exactly what I mean once you hit play) but it's definitely going to get people flying (not even running, we're past that now) to the dance floor. It's Afrobeats meets House/EDM. Major Lazer, Wiwek, we thank you.

I think I'm starting to get what people mean when they say Wizkid's got his work cut out for him this year. Check out the remix below and let me know what you think.


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