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NEW MUSIC: Kwane Wyatt X Margot - Into The Gray

Kwane Wyatt X Margot - Into the Gray | Ses Rêveries

Boots has once again lent his music producing prowess to another artiste, this time, indie rapper Kwane Wyatt and singer/violinist Margot.

Although all three artistes are for all intents and purposes, shrouded in mystery, we do know they are at least mildly familiar with each other, each having been listed on the credits of Beyoncé's Beyoncé album: Kwane, backing vocals for Haunted; Margot, strings for Beyonce's Super Power and Blue; and Boots, backing vocals, instrumentals and/or production for Ghost/Haunted, No Angel, Flawless, Blue, Drunk In Love, Super Power, Yoncé/Partition, Heaven and Jealous.

Kwanne was also featured on Cubby's Cold, but Into The Gray can be said to be his first official single. It features a chilling piano-driven production with mellow drums and smooth guitar strumming over which he showcases his marvellous lyricism, intelligent use of wordplay and refreshing, laid-back style. Margot's rich emotion-laden voice adds to the song's chilling effect with a dash of that soulful jazz-club vibe. The combination results in a fresh, original R'n'B/hip hop composition, a commendable synthesis of their undeniable talents.

Check out Into The Gray via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

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