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NEW MUSIC: Lana Del Rey - Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight

So there's been another leak from the Lana Del Rey camp...

The guitar-driven track is classic Del Rey, her hypnotic sub-alto-whisper-turned-infantile-falsetto voice over a dreamy chamber pop production. It captures the essence of film-noir-meets-burlesque-hedonism almost perfectly, featuring the usual sensual, fragile, self-conscious aura that has enveloped her music since the birthing of 'Lana Del Rey'.

According to NME, this won't be on the final Ultraviolence track listing so it could be a leak or it could be from an unrelated project - or just a random single. You never know with Miss Grant. Sometimes it seems like we are the entertainment rather than the other way around with her. She watches us try to figure her out, dropping little hints here and there to help us along. Make no mistake, in this circus, we're the main attraction and she's the ringmaster.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, check out Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

Maybe Ultraviolence will be released on the first of May... then again, maybe it won't...


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