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NEW MUSIC: Maryann - You And Me + When You Die + #CookingForBae

Maryann - You And Me + When You Die + #CookingForBae | Ses Rêveries

Here's a triple-song post for a triple-threat artiste.

Maryann's sweet, airy vocals and N8 the Gr8's spacey synths give R'n'B a sexy face lift under their own sub-genre titled Bedroom Trap which she describes as "aggressive yet feminine, urban and electronic". Over N8's futuristic production, Maryann takes do-it-yourself to a whole other level, writing, singing/rapping and directing her own music videos and editing her artwork. After releasing her first album Timing Is Everything a few years ago, the talented artist is due to release her sophomore album Futuristic Always later on this month.

You And Me is the latest single of the album, the visuals for which she directed herself. #CookingForBae was appointed as the theme song for the hilarious Instagram page, after which she was dubbed the Bae God. When I Die is the remixed cover of GoldLink's futuristic track of the same name. Maryann joins a team of alt urban acts giving R'n'B a run for its money. Check out all three tracks below and let me know what you think.

Futuristic Always  is due out April 28.

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