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NEW MUSIC: Uzzee - Jools Holland

Uzzee - Jools Holland | Ses Rêveries

A dose of  Hip Hop jazz to chill to this sunny afternoon.

Creative Elevation's Uzzee infuses that deadpan British humour into a wavy piano-driven track produced by fellow Londoner, Tom Misch. Jools Holland is a straightforward day-in-the-life narrative that's both organic and polished without seeming forced or overdone. Speaking matter-of-factly, he glazes over some of the issues facing the youth today - money, independence, disengagement from education, dreading the 9-to-5 lifestyle - with a casual acceptance, the musical version of a nonchalant "it is what it is" shrug. There is however a subtle quick-change at the end where he tails off with a more sanguine attitude to the impermanence of his situation.

Drawing parallels from the real Jools Holland's story - from trashing a teacher's car to country-wide recognition and fame - as well as being incredibly vibey, this track also urges us to continue to anticipate more brilliant musical offerings from the young artiste as he only seems to get better as time goes on. As far as I'm concerned, if this is what we've got to look forward to, I'm already appeased.

Check out Jools Holland via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

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