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NEW VIDEO: Fresh L X BOJ X Dr SID - Mind Yourself

It's been a week since this was released and I had somehow convinced myself I'd written about this last Monday, but alas this was not the case. The memory really is a fickle thing.

I am not quite sure when Mind Yourself was officially released but I did do a rather long-winded post about it June last year, around about the time I was still getting accustomed to the DRB Las Gidi group, so I'm going to assume it was then. As much as I liked the song though, I find myself summing up the visuals in one word: cute.

Most of the time, that could mean one of two things: it's the "puppies and unicorns and rainbows" kind of cute (a rarity), or it's the "aww that is the saddest thing I have ever seen" cute, with the oozing sarcasm in my tone being the most definitive indicator. In the case of this video however, they have managed to strike the most astounding balance between the two.

On one hand, you find yourself feeling sorry for multiple characters in the story directed by Creative Elevation's 3FEAT, from the supposedly lovelorn Fresh L to Dr SID's side-piece character (this being the unicorn angle, btw), and on the other hand, there is something slightly amateurish about this video with the multiple unrecognizable "cameos"/extras, the going in and out of focus over and over again, and the over-reliance on graffiti and murals for that admittedly covetable 'urban grunge' factor...

I am definitely willing to pardon the graffiti thing however, because Lord knows it was far less eye-roll inducing than, say, a close-up shot of a Versace logo. I also really like the indie feel this video has - and that trumps everything else for me. Seeing people my age (or thereabouts) being independent creative movers and shakers like these guys is unbelievably inspiring and exactly what lazy-ass kids like me need to put down the Haagen Dasz, get out of bed (in my defence, I'm on holiday and I already kissed my summer body good-bye) and do what we do best with this much ambition and tenaciousness too.

Check out the visuals to Mind Yourself below via YouTube and let me know what you think.


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