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NEW VIDEO: Gisele Bundchen X H&M - Heart Of Glass (Cover)

Gisele Bundchen X H&M - Heart Of Glass (Cover) | Ses Rêveries

Basic reaction: oh, dear.

I mean, bloody hell, Gisele. When the H&M Conscious Collection ad started showing on TV a couple weeks ago, I just knew I had to have the original 1978 Blondie version as a Throwback Thursday - which, funnily enough, fell on this week. I'm not sure if I should switch it now, because this has kind of ruined my appetite for the song for the time being.

Now I love Gisele. I love her as much as any "abs? What are abs? Never heard of them" woman could love a former Victoria's Secret Angel who constant reminder that maybe she should reconsider considering sit-ups as a possible alternative to binge-eating - which is a lot, surprisingly. But this? This is awful.

Although her presumably-altered voice is fairly easy on the ears, I can honestly tell you that when I clicked play, I was not expecting what I got. I mean, this is Gisele; supermodel extraordinaire, stunning mother to some of the cutest kids you ever did see, and wife to the gorgeous Tom Brady. You kind of expect a certain level of finesse.

I understand that this is an ad campaign for H&M's swimwear - and it's for a good cause (all proceeds go to UNICEF) which is always nice - but that doesn't mean the visuals didn't deserve a bit more TLC, especially when Bob Sinclair is involved. It's not the best ode to the original video, however if the aim was to incite Bound 2 flashbacks, then mission accomplished!

Check out the visuals to Heart Of Glass below and let me know what you think.

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